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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

“Pam has helped me get certified for TWO certifications (CEN and TCRN)!! Everyone in the recent TCRN review class has passed so far!” Jordan Stoner Tyczka, CEN, TCRN Leesburg, VA in 2019.

“My experience with PDB Nurse Education has been great. Pam is not only a phenomenal educator but uses storytelling and humor to solidify the ideas she is presenting. The review courses are easy to schedule and easy to fill the room. When nurses hear she is presenting they line up to save their spot! Thank you for providing the education needed to significantly increase the certification rate of our ED Nurses!” Carol Milliken, DNP RN CEN CCRN, Director of Emergency Services, Excellence in Nursing Professional Practice and Clinical Education, Jupiter Medical Center

This nurse is an exceptional instructor. She exhibits passion and enthusiasm for teaching others. Her overall goal is to meet the needs of her audience. I feel like this comment from class describes her perfectly. “The instructor was energetic and enthusiastic; she made the course interesting as well as entertaining. Her humor was well placed and appreciated. She exuded knowledge and explained the material in a manner that kept the entire class involved and interested. Not only did I enjoy the class, I walked out wanting to take it to the next level!” – Rebecca Jackson, BSN, RN Education Coordinator Mid-Carolina AHEC, Lancaster, SC

Pam is what I would regard to as Crème de la crème (Best of the best) of certification review courses. How do I know you ask? I attended a CEN course, went took it and passed with relative ease. Less than 12 months thereafter, I attended her TCRN 2 days review course, passed that as well, with an even improved score. I am hugely thankful to her for that. Her attention to detail in sifting/narrowing through the critical must know for the exam content is unmatched. For both review courses, I had to make the travel to the hospitals hosting these classes and it was worth every effort and time invested. - Oscar Jayhay, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN, Cone Health, NC

“What an amazing individual! She sure knows how to teach and keep it humorous. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else! She is the REAL DEAL! Worth every penny! Thank you so much for the study guides, etc. Can’t wait to get my CEN and CPEN certifications. Daven Sarah Okun, Jupiter, FL

“Pam just taught a class here in NC and got great reviews - 5.0 out of 5.0 for scores on her presentation and content as well. She was very thorough, very professional, and sent me her paperwork and documentation in a timely fashion. I wish all the speakers we bring in were as good, I look forward to bringing her back to teach other courses”. - Andrea Novak, PhD, RN-BC, FAEN; CE Administrator, Southern Regional Area Health Education Center, Fayetteville, NC

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