Yes, I've Changed

A few long-time friends recently said to me "You've Changed." I saw this great post from Learning Mind and started thinking how I am "changing for the better."

2019 is coming to an end and I have been reflecting on everything that has changed in my life over the last decade.

In 2010 I was working most weekends in the Emergency Department while coordinating CE classes for AHEC during the week and doing a lot of side working as a Legal Nurse Consultant and for two medical equipment companies.

In 2011 I cut back in the ED and resigned from AHEC to focus on PDB Nurse Education, LLC.

I was honored to pin my daughter Erica as a BSN and watch her start her nursing career in 2012. In addition, my husband Jeff and I became cattle farmers that year.

In 2014 my mother died, and my father died in 2017. Erica got married in 2018.

In 2019 Jeff retired, so we expanded PDB Nurse Education, LLC to include selling study guides.

Furthermore, over the last decade I have travelled to most states in the USA to mentor thousands of nurses to achieve their certification goals.

So yes, I have changed. Losing your parents changes you. Watching your “baby” grow up changes you. Being self-employed changes you, especially when it is the only income for your family.

I love the person I am now, but I am looking forward to growing more. So, I’m saying Goodbye to the last decade and saying Hello to the Roaring 20’s.