CPEN Key Points Sample


1. Coarctaction of the Aorta – congenital heart defect due to a “crimp” in aorta leading to bounding brachial and radial pulses and decreased femoral pulses.

2. Kawasaki Disease – vasculitis causing high fever for over 5 days, conjunctivitis, strawberry tongue, and edema of hands and feet.

3. Commotio Cordis – chest trauma resulting in V Fib or Asystole.

4. Caregiver’s diluting formula – causes hyponatremia and risk of seizures.

5. Volvulus – malrotation of bowel causing bilious vomiting, surgical emergency.

6. Intussusception – telescoping of bowel causing currant-jelly stool and sausage-shaped mass. Treat with barium enema.

7. Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura (HSP) – vasculitis with purpuric rash and fever.

8. Glomerulonephritis – brown foamy urine and peripheral edema after strep throat.

9. MVC Lap-restraint only - small bowel rupture and chance fractu