CCRN Sneak Peek

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

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1. S3 heart sound heard in heart failure and Cor pulmonale.

2. Afterload is pressure measured by PVR (lungs) and SVR (body). Afterload (SVR) is low in distributive shock (neurogenic, anaphylaxis, sepsis).

3. Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) is an accessory pathway disorder characterized by a “Delta” wave - short PR interval and wide QRS on upstroke.

4. ST segment elevation in leads II, III, AVF indicates an Inferior MI (commonly the right coronary artery).

5. Prinzmetal’s (Variant) Angina due to vasospasm of coronary arteries, seen with stimulant use; hallmark sign is chest pain at rest. Treat with calcium-channel blockers, not beta-blockers.

6. Pericarditis (Dressler’s Syndrome) – pleuritic retrosternal chest pain, worse with inspiration and supine position. Global concave ST segment elevation on EKG. Friction rub heard best at left sternal border with diaphragm. Treat with NSAIDs (Aspirin) and allow to lean forward.

7. Dilated (systolic) cardiomyopathy – most common, can’t eject due to stretched thin