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Don't Take My Word For It

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

“I used Pam’s study guides for CEN and TCRN. They are down and dirty and direct.” Diane Gammon, Alaska

“Thanks Pam! Your CFRN bullet point list absolutely helped me pass the CFRN on the first shot! I’m taking your advice and scheduled the CTRN for next week!” Nicolas Joseph Fury

“Bought this packet for my CEN, studied the material for 2 days and took the exams provided. Took my exam today and passed. The information provided was easy to read and paralleled the exam.” Jaime Cryer-Tibaldo

“Pam Bartley is the only tip you need, that’s the only study material myself and 8 other nurses in my ER used to pass the CEN exam.” Brandy Acklin Bradford, North Carolina.

“Pam’s material is straight forward, brief, and easy to retain. Not to mention she is kind, supportive, and encouraging. I loved how she emailed handouts to review while I was waiting for my study guide.” Alice Thibodeau-Peters, Florida

“Folks if you are on the fence about her study guides, I truly think it is the reason I passed the CEN on the first try. The guide is concise and helps with what you really need to know to pass.” Drea Dean

“This lady knows her stuff. I ordered the CEN study guide, which got here in a timely fashion I might add. It is thorough and organized with a no-nonsense approach. She teaches you not only what you need to know, but how to be a better test taker. I’m studying to take the test later this month and I’m loving all the information I’m learning and relearning. Thank you for what you do!!” Selena Folsom, Alabama

“Passed my TCRN exam today. I ordered Pam’s study guide and she kept emailing me additional pointers. I couldn’t have done it without her. THANKS PAM!!!” Scott Davis, North Port, Florida

“Her education is the best!! I recently took my CEN using only her study materials and passed! It was my second attempt at the test, but the first time was another set of materials, not Pam’s!” Candy Churchwell, Tennessee

“Just passed my CEN this week! Pam’s CEN review manual is a great resource full of information and practice questions. I feel this book helped me in so many ways. Lots of topics were bolded and stated in a way that is easy to remember. If I lived closer to SC, I would love to take her actual course. I highly recommend PDB Nurse Education. Thanks Pam!” Michaela Elizabeth

“Thanks to another one of your great study guides I can add CEN to my certifications. Thank you for the great material!” April D. Loach, BSN, RN, CCRN, TCRN, CEN

“Thank you for all your support. There’s no way I could have passed this beast (CFRN) without your help.” Ana Funk, RN, CEN, TCRN, CPEN, CFRN, CTRN, North Carolina

“Three months of determined studying. This was my most used resource. I love the way the material is broken down into easy to understand and ‘need to know’ material. I highly recommend the use of Pam Bartley’s study guides.” Breannah Joy, Virginia

“Shout out to Pam Bartley for amazing, spot on study materials! I highly recommend them! I am now Jennifer Stinnett, RN, TCRN.”

“So excited to announce that I am now a Board-Certified Emergency Nurse! Adding a few more letters to my name. Kailee Bassett, BSN, RN, CEN. Thank you so much Pam Bartley for the study guide that helped me succeed. Can’t wait for my next cert!”

“I am happy to say that I have officially passed the CEN exam and checked off one of my goals for 2019. Much appreciation and shout out to Pam Bartley and her CEN review materials which helped me quite a bit.” Alex Thomas, BSN, RN, CEN, Illinois

“I used Pam Bartley’s study guide, which was on point and super easy to review, plus it was the cheapest. I’ll be using her material for certifications in the future.” Samantha Schwartz-Phillips, Georgia

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