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How to Pass the TCRN exam

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

1. Take the 8th or 9th edition TNCC Course live or virtually. Courses are listed on under Education.

3. Download the TCRN exam blueprint and register for the exam at

4. Download the “American College of Surgeons Optimal Care of the Injured Patient” and the “American Burn Association Provider Manual” online.

5. Practice free sample questions from STN at

6. The TCRN exam is 175 questions, you have 180 minutes to complete the exam. All questions are multiple-choice, there are no “all of the above” or ‘select all that apply”. Twenty-five questions are not graded, and the passing score is 104/150. The 2022 TCRN pass rate was 58%.

7. Plan as if you are preparing for a marathon, schedule study time! The TCRN exam has 6 sections, so study one section per week. Do not over study.

8. Prepare a dedicated study space, have flashcards or a notebook to write content you need to study more. Study during your peak brain time, in 30-45-minute intervals.

9. Do NOT cram the night before, you do not test as well when your brain is tired.

10. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast/lunch prior to exam, but do not overhydrate.

11. When in doubt, go with your first response and do NOT change answers unless you misinterpreted the question.

12. “You Can Do It!” Email me at after you ace the exam!

TCRN Resources

· Download the American College of Surgeons Optimal Care of the Injured Patient at Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient | ACS (

· Download the American Burn Association Provider Manual at 2018-abls-providermanual.pdf (

·Emergency Nurses Association. Emergency Nurses Pediatric Course Provider Manual, 6th edition, 2023.

· Emergency Nurses Association. Sheehy’s Emergency Nursing Principles and Practice, 7th ed. Elsevier, 2020.

· Emergency Nurses Association. Trauma Nursing Core Curriculum, 9th ed., 2024.

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