Mechanical Ventilation 101

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The priority during this time is to protect healthcare workers. Wear personal protective equipment such as a mask, face shield, gown, and gloves at a minimum. Utilize a negative-pressure room if at all possible.

What is Mechanical Ventilation? Mechanical ventilation is needed for critically ill patients who are unable to protect their airway, sustain enough oxygen levels, or maintain adequate ventilation by taking in oxygen during inhalation and excrete carbon dioxide during exhalation.

What is a Ventilator? A ventilator is a machine that aids in a patient’s ability to take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Mechanical ventilation is an invasive procedure because it involves placing tube inside the patient’s airway. The use of this machine does not completely heal the condition of the patient. Rather, it helps the patient achieve a stable condition while medications and other treatments promote healing.

Ventilation Modes