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Multiple Choice Test-Taking Tips

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

1. Approach exam with confidence! Visualize the win! Control your anxiety, practice deep breathing and visualization. Ignore self-defeated thoughts!

2. Read each question carefully considering “What is the question really asking?”

3. Look for “key words” like priority, initial, or best. Eliminate the incorrect answer(s), then ask yourself again, “What is the question really asking?”

4. Don’t read into the question. All information needed is in the scenario.

5. Don’t be misled by the close-to-correct choice that often precedes the correct answer.

6. Don’t dismiss an option because it seems too obvious. If you are well-prepared for the exam, some of the questions will appear straightforward.

7. Don’t be taken in by unfamiliar words in the question. If you have studied for the exam, few words should be unfamiliar.

8. Don’t assume an answer is correct because it seems to make sense, or you have observed the action in your nursing practice. Let evidence-based practice guide your response.

9. Be alert to questions that say INCORRECT, EXCEPT, NOT correct. Read the four choices for which answer does not fit.

10. If you do not see an answer that you believe is correct, reread the question to ensure you have understood it correctly.

11. When in doubt, go with your first response. Don’t overthink it and don’t change answers unless you misinterpreted the question.

12. Do NOT get immobilized by a question! Answer it the best you can and move on. Let it go!

13. Answer all questions by making an educated guess!

14. Pam says, “You Got This!

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